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These days many homes and small offices are starting to have more than one computer. Creating a network which joins the computers together allows them to share resources - like printers, scanners and storage space, not to mention the connection to the internet. We provide a range of networking services, as listed below. If you need something not listed below, give us call we'll usually be able to help.

Wired Networks

Installing network cable is a time consuming (and therefore costly) job, but the benefits can be surprising. Wired networks go much faster (don't believe all the pre-N claims) delivering HiDef video with ease and are more secure than wireless networks (the bad guys won't have physical access to the cable).

Wireless Networks

Wireless networking has really taken off over the last few years, and it's wonderful to sit in the garden with your laptop whilst reading the latest news. Sadly, the reality is the more people with wireless networks there are in your area, the worse the range and speed of your network will be.
These problems can be eased with careful expert planning...

Internet Connectivity

The internet is perhaps the main reason why so many people have networks at home. If you have a PC, maybe a laptop too, the children have their Xbox360/PS3/Wii, they all want internet access. We can install and configure your ADSL router (once you've received it from your broadband supplier) and run tests to show you the real speed of the line.

Network Sharing

As well as sharing the internet connection, your network can also allow you to share your printer and scanner too. You can also attach storage (hard disk drives) to your network, an excellent place to keep all your digital media (music, videos, photos and documents) so it can be accessed from any computer in the house. This is also useful for backups of all your important data.