Chief Wizard

PC / Laptop Support

We provide a complete range of computer services, as listed below. If you need something not listed below, give us call we'll usually be able to help.

PC Crashing?

Does your PC just freeze when you're in the middle of something important? Or does it just not start up properly any more? Does it display the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death'? Or only boot into Safe Mode?
The causes are numerous, but we can repair them...

Software Problems

Are you having problems installing a new piece of software? Or did you install it, but now it's broken something else? Or has an older piece of software stopped working?
These problems can happen fairly often, but we can repair them...

Virus/Spyware/Malware Problems

Has your PC slowed down to crawl? Do you get constant pop-up up adverts? Or other unexplained actions? Your PC may have been infected by a virus. It's surprisingly easy these days, even running an online scanner can't guarantee your safety. However, we can still eradicate them...

Internet Problems

Email not working? Can't get onto the internet? Having problems installing your new ADSL modem? Not sure what a microfilter does? Or whether you should use WEP or WPA?
If so, you're joining a rapidly growing club, but no matter what the problem is, we can help...